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Digital Dentistry

We are proud to bring you the revolutionary Crystal Ultra™ NanoCeramic

Successful Hybrid Denture Cases

60% Lighter Than Zirconia

Crystal Ultra™ hybrids are roughly the same weight and the same hardness as natural teeth, leading to greater functionality and patient comfort compared to other materials.

Bends and Gives Under Stress

At 10 GPa, Crystal Ultra™ is the most flexible ceramic available on the market and the only ceramic that actually flexes in the mouth. This flex makes¬†Crystal Ultra™ durable and comfortable for the patient.

Adjust and Repair Chairside

Ideally suited for a quick and easy chairside adjustment. Crystal Ultra™ allows for composite chairside repair if a tooth ever chips or cracks due to bruxism. No material is as easy to manipulate in the mouth as Crystal Ultra™.

Alternative to Lithium Dislicate

Crystal Ultra™ is a perfect substitute for anterior crown & bridge, inlays, onlays, and veneers that are made from Lithium Disilicate.¬† Start using superior product that patients will love!